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We offer a variety of classes from Permit to Carry to Pistol 101 & Safety and AR 101 & Safety. Our classes run multiple times each month in order to accommodate everyone and their lifestyles. If our classes do not fit with your schedule, contact us to set up a private class at a time more convenient for you. Our goal is to educate the public, so we will do anything we can to make that possible.

Classes at Dead on Arms

Permit to Carry class at Dead On Arms


It’s your right to carry, exercise it.

  • Our Permit To Carry class gives you all of the information needed to safely and confidently carry your pistol in public. This is not a gun safety course, but a rules and regulations course. We will give you the ins and outs of the laws involving carrying a pistol. The class lasts, roughly, three hours and includes range time. Our PTC course price covers a free firearm rental, eye protection, ear protection, a target, and the instruction needed to obtain your certificate of completion and permit.

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The basics of shooting and shooting safety

  • Our P101 class is a great place for beginners to start their journey into the firearms world. We give excellent instruction about the very basics of using a firearm, a bit of history, hands on help in the breakdown of different firearms, information on the ballistics of common pistol caliber ammunition, and finally, the basics of shooting and shooting safety. After class, we will bring you into the range to help you put that education into practice and try out your new skills.

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Be A Hard Target


HITT self-defense teaches “no holds barred” fighting techniques. Learn to fight dirty and deliver focused strikes.

  • Our Women’s Personal Protection class will teach you to fight dirty and to utilize things like strikes to the groin, eye gouges, strikes to the throat, strikes to the back of the head, and more. This way of training is very much about technique but it’s also about attitude, mentality, and fighting spirit.No holds barred fighting also supports the afore mentioned idea of NOT being in a long fight. Striking vulnerable areas like the groin and eyes causes an involuntary reaction in the person being struck. For example, someone who gets kicked in the groin is most likely going to double over, or fold. That reaction gives the victim a chance to get away from the encounter altogether.

    A woman who is training in HITT is going to have the confidence of knowing what targets on an attacker to go after if necessary. That sort of preparation and confidence lends to two crucial, ancillary, benefits: The first is that she is going to be aware of specific dangers and know how to defend against them. That’s called “situational awareness” and being aware of dangers gives someone the ability to avoid them. The second is that having real fighting skills, and having situational awareness, is going to make that woman a more difficult target overall.

    HITT self-defense classes help women become safer and stronger. Consistent training is going to help burn fat, build muscle, increase cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility.

    These are things are important to women who want to be capable of defending themselves. It’s especially significant to women because there are undeniable physical differences between men and women.

    Developing more physical strength, lean mass, and being capable of intense physical activity means that you are making yourself into a version of you that will be most capable of defending yourself. A stronger, faster woman who is capable of being aggressive and causing damage to someone who is attacking her, has a much better chance of defeating an attacker than a woman without those skills and attributes.

    These physical attributes and skills develop over the course of consistent training and personal effort which, as we mentioned above, are two of the elements that factor into the equation regarding getting “the best” training.

    Are you ready to make yourself into a version of you that will be most capable of defending yourself?

DOA Range Memberships


+ $150 Initiation Fee

Founding Adult

+ $150 Initiation Fee

Founding Couple

+ $150 Initiation Fee

Founding Family

All FOUNDING memberships come with the following:

- 5 Free Targets Per Visit - $5 Guest Passes - FREE Pistol Rentals - FREE Full-Auto Rentals - Range Ammo Discount - FREE FFL Transfer* - $25 Hand Gun Purchase Discount - $50 Long Gun Purchase Discount - Free Laser Engraving - 50% Off DOA Apparel - FREE CLASSES - Pre-Sales - Unlimited Range Time - 10% OFF Ear/Eye Protection


+ $150 Initiation Fee

Basic Adult

+ $150 Initiation Fee

Basic Couple

+ $150 Initiation Fee

Basic Family

All BASIC memberships come with the following:

- 2 Free Targets Per Visit - $10 Guest Passes - 50% OFF Pistol Rentals - 50% OFF Full-Auto Rentals - Range Ammo Discount - 50% OFF FFL Transfer* - $15 Hand Gun Purchase Discount - $25 Long Gun Purchase Discount - 50% OFF Laser Engraving - 25% Off DOA Apparel - 50% OFF CLASSES (excludes Pistol 101) - Pre-Sales - Unlimited Range Time - 10% OFF Ear/Eye Protection

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