Shotguns at Dead On Arms

When it comes to shotguns, everyone is looking for something slightly different. Whether it’s a pump shotgun, semi-automatic, or tactical shotgun, we have something for every need. If you are looking for a shotgun for shooting trap, clay pigeons, hunting, or just for fun, you will be able to find just about anything you are looking for.

Shotguns for sale at Dead On Arms

Semi-Auto Tactical Shotguns


  • A semi-automatic tactical shotgun is a repeating shotgun with a semi-automatic action, capable of automatically chambering a new shell after each firing, but requires an individual trigger-pull to manually fire each shot. Semi-automatic shotguns use gas blowback or recoil operation to cycle the action, a semi-tactical shotgun usually is monderized and uses lighter weight material and allows for attachments or accessories. In general tactical shotguns will use external magazines to feed shells into the action of the firearm.

A selection of DOA sporting shotguns.


  • Able to cover a wide variety of jobs, a shotgun is a welcome piece of sporting equipment whether you are at the country club or on Kodiak Island. With break, lever, pump, bolt, or semiautomatic actions available, a common defining trait of all of these in a sporting model is ease of transport and operation. For trap shooting, there are lighter frame and longer barrel options. Requiring less ammo gives you the opportunity to eliminate a magazine, thus lightening up the package and allowing you to get the bead on that clay much more quickly. In stark contrast to trap shooting is sport shotguns for hunting guides. A hunting guide’s responsibility is to protect a client and provide a comfortable and successful hunt; so you’re going to need something that can load and hold multiple shells reliably. To quickly catch a field hen on the wing, or stop a charging grizzly in its tracks you will find a medium sized pump action with a tube that can hold at least five shells is most efficient. Lastly, there is 3 gun competition type shotguns. These are lightweight, high capacity, and semiautomatic. These can also include external box magazines or tubes for fast reloading. If you’re in the market for a sporting shotgun, come in and talk to our helpful staff. If we don’t have the model you’re looking for, we can find and order it for you.

DOA Range Memberships


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Founding Adult

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Founding Family

All FOUNDING memberships come with the following:

- 5 Free Targets Per Visit - $5 Guest Passes - FREE Pistol Rentals - FREE Full-Auto Rentals - Range Ammo Discount - FREE FFL Transfer* - $25 Hand Gun Purchase Discount - $50 Long Gun Purchase Discount - Free Laser Engraving - 50% Off DOA Apparel - FREE CLASSES - Pre-Sales - Unlimited Range Time - 10% OFF Ear/Eye Protection


+ $150 Initiation Fee

Basic Adult

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- 2 Free Targets Per Visit - $10 Guest Passes - 50% OFF Pistol Rentals - 50% OFF Full-Auto Rentals - Range Ammo Discount - 50% OFF FFL Transfer* - $15 Hand Gun Purchase Discount - $25 Long Gun Purchase Discount - 50% OFF Laser Engraving - 25% Off DOA Apparel - 50% OFF CLASSES (excludes Pistol 101) - Pre-Sales - Unlimited Range Time - 10% OFF Ear/Eye Protection

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