Dead On Inc. offers a wide range of courses in our state of the art training facility with experienced instructors.

Minnesota Permit to Carry Course

Dead on Arms offers authorized firearms training for Minnesota Permit to Carry applications as required by Minnesota State Statute 624.714.  Training by a certified instructor must be completed within one year of an original or renewal application.

The course includes classroom instruction and indoor range practice and fulfills the following requirements:

  1. Instruction in the fundamentals of pistol use;
  2. Successful completion of an actual shooting qualification exercise; and
  3. Instruction in the fundamental legal aspects of pistol possession, carry, and use, including self-defense and the restrictions on the use of deadly force.

Minnesota Permit to Carry Holders Course

The Holders course is for those who are already permit holders.


Wait for the bar strip calendar to load, and then select the month you are interested in taking a course. After selecting the desired month you should be able to view all of the dates, times, and classes that are offered during that month. Should you have any questions feel free to contact us at: (218) 729-9689.

Class Terms and Conditions

Classes are non-refundable. Customers are allowed to use non-refunded payments for future classes.