Dead On Arms Range

Dead On Arms Range

Our indoor range is top of the line and the only one of it’s kind in the area. It features a state of the art ventilation system that ensures the safety of all shooters. The range reaches a length of 25 yards and is marked, on the walls, up to 25 feet. Each lane has automatic target carriers that allow you to check on your progress as you shoot. We encourage all shooters to thoroughly read the range rules before heading into the range. Our employees will also go over firearm and range safety with shooters before entering the range. We want everyone to feel as comfortable as possible when they walk into the range.

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Gun Rentals

In order to best serve our community, we offer a wide variety of rental firearms to help in the selection of the perfect purchase. We do not want anyone going home and wondering if they made the right decision, so we have a great rental program that includes over 80 pistols, multiple ARs, suppressors, and machine guns. All used firearms may be tested in our range before a purchase is made, as well.


We constantly rotate our rental fleet stock in order to have the latest and firearms to try before you buy. We carry many brands ranging from Glock to Heckler & Koch and Springfield to Canik. With each paid rental, you may choose up to 3 pistols of the same caliber to try in the range.


Rifles and Long Gun Details

Machine Guns

Starts at $10000
If you’re looking for more fun than just pistols and rifles, check out our full auto rentals. These firearms are not your average gun, they are an extra special experience that you cannot get just anywhere. We offer full autos that range from .22 LR to .308 Winchester. Whether you’re a fan of video games and looking to use some of those familiar firearms, or a fan of the old gangster movies, we have a full auto for every kind of interest.

Range Fees

Non-Member Range Time: $28.50 per hour

Share Lane: $23.50 per hour for 2nd Shooter
                       $18.50 per hour for 3rd Shooter

Non-Member Firearm Rental
Handguns: $15
Handgun with Suppressor: $25
Rifle: $25
Full Auto:  Prices Start at $100

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Sundays are Youth Day 11 AM – 5 PM
• Youth FREE with Paid Adult ($18.50)
• FREE .22 Rentals (Rifle & Pistols)
• FREE Eye & Ear Protection & Targets

Tuesdays are Ladies Day
• Ladies Shoot for $13.50
• UNLIMITED Handgun Rentals
• FREE Eye & Ear Protection & Targets

Wednesdays are Medical Professionals Day
• $13.50 Range Time
• $5 Handgun Rentals
• FREE Eye & Ear Protection & Targets 

Thursdays are Law Enforcement/Service Connected Workers Day
• $18.50 Range Time
• 50% OFF Handgun Rentals
• FREE Eye & Ear Protection & Targets

Friday Nights are Date/Pairs Night
• $30 per Couple Range Time
• 50% OFF Handgun Rentals
• FREE Eye & Ear Protection & Targets 

Senior Specials Monday – Thursday 10 AM – 4 PM
• $13.50 per Hour Range Time
• $5 Handgun Rental
• FREE Eye & Ear Protection & Targets

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Firearm Rentals

Firearm Rentals